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Interested in Joining?

We study fundamental topics in neuronal cell biology. Our current focus is on the patterning of the microtubule cytoskeleton, axonal transport mechanisms, and the effect of the cytoskeleton-transport ensemble on neuronal polarity and presynaptic specializations. We value mentoring and sharing of knowledge, and believe that diverse backgrounds are key to making new discoveries. Therefore, any expertise you bring with you would be valuable.

Want to join us?

Postdoc candidates

Please send me an email outlining your past work and future interests. Also, please send contact information for three references.

Graduate students

If you are currently enrolled at Yale and want to rotate in the lab, shoot me an email, call, or just come by the lab to talk about possible projects. We are in BCMM 447.

Postgraduate associates

Research training positions are available for post graduates. Please email me with your CV and reference information.


Undergraduate research positions are also available. Email me to set a time to see the lab and talk about projects.

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